Sugar-sweetened beverages may be addictive: Report

Sugar-sweetened beverages may be addicti...


Apart from being harmful, sugar-sweetened beverages may also be addictive, according to a report published in the Journal Appetite.

The findings of the report also suggest that young people between 13 and 18 years of age, who were deprived of sugar drinks for just three days, reported headaches, cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

Reportedly, the study had about 25 participants normally consuming at least three sugar-sweetened beverages a day before the study. Further, the youngsters reported the following specific symptoms during the three-day period of cessation from sugar drinks: decreased motivation to do work, increased headaches, lack of contentment, cravings for sugary drinks, inability to concentrate and lower ratings of overall well-being.

For the report to be more credible, all the participants who were obese, were asked to consume their normal beverages for five days, and once the study begins, they were instructed to consume only water or plain milk.
As per the researchers, a number of research suggests that sugary drinks can lead to a number of chronic diseases. The researchers also claimed that these drinks may have addictive properties, and their ubiquitous availability and advertising makes it even more concerning.

It is found that sugar-sweetened drinks are generally addictive due to the sugar present in them. Notably, these beverages only lead to obesity and other health problems. So, to get rid of this sugar-coated honey trap, here are some amazing health drinks instead, to keep your body off any chronic disease.

Iced tea

If you like to drink something sugary, then why not try drinking homemade iced tea? All you need to do is, brew a naturally sweet tea like apple, cinnamon, mint or berry tea. Once it is brewed, leave the glass of tea with tea bags in the refrigerator overnight. And, your flavoured iced tea is ready.


In reality, smoothies are nothing but thick, creamy and cold beverage made from pureed raw fruit, vegetables, and sometimes dairy products. It is delicious and super healthy too. Enjoy the natural sweetness of fruits and avoid consuming artificial sweeteners.

Infused water

It is believed that flavoured waters are the best when it comes to keeping it healthy. By just adding few slices of your favourite fruits or veggies like lemon, watermelon, cucumber or mint to a pitcher of cold water and let the water infuse all the goodness in the fruits and vegetables. After sometime, sip the infused water through the day and enjoy good health.

Herbal tea

If you are really looking forward to a light and delicious drink, herbal tea is the way to go. Among the many flavours available, the best ones are of dandelion, chamomile, hibiscus, rooibos, and ginger, that are not only good in taste, but also super healthy.

Now, enjoy these super healthy alternatives of sugary drinks and stay hale and hearty!


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